In late 1980 Jeff moved to what would become the family farm.  He and brother Herb, Jr. lived on the property and prepared home sites for sister Marilyn and John Clark’s family as well as the spot where Janet (Bami) and Herb, Sr.  would live out their final days.  It was a dream come true for Janet to live surrounded by some of her children and grandchildren.   She was there for the first few cows that Granddad bought to raise she enjoyed watching the Granddad work with Jeff, Brandon, and young Ben build the first hoop house and benches.  Unfortunately she did not live to see the birth of the family’s direct to consumer farm take shape.

First hoop house.jpg

That first meat bird processing generated orders for 250 more chickens.  The Brower family was in the pastured poultry business and processed 300 birds every three weeks.  Customer pick up days are great times full of laughter and accolades from the many customers that come from all over Florida to stock up on wholesome clean food that was raised not in confinement, but in the natural environment God intended.   Today the pastured poultry operation is managed by Brianna’s husband Nathan Murphy, backed up by Boaz and Brason.  The entire family works together on processing days to prepare healthy clean poultry for our quality conscience customers.

Jeff and Brandon processing.jpg

In 2004 Jeff, Brandon, and Ben traveled to Teddy Gentry’s Bent Tree Farm to buy their first 6 South Poll cows and heifers to begin a beef herd with these Southern grassfed super stars.  The beef herd is raised on 50 acres of lush pasture right around the corner from the family’s main 10 acre farm.  Boaz manages the beef herd with help of brother Brason, brother in law Nathan, and Bethany. Organic vegetable and fruit production has been added and expanded which is managed by daughter Brianna who is backed up at planting and harvest time by the whole family.


Future plans of the family include adding meat rabbits and increasing poultry, vegetable, and fruit production.  There are also plans to establish a retail center offering organic based farm and garden supplies and gifts.  We hope you will visit often to see the ever changing nature of a multi species farm.  It is a great lifestyle that builds health and allows this family to work together utilizing their divergent gifts.  Come out and meet the always growing Brower-Murphy family!

Bami and Grandad

Bami (The Grandmother of Grandmother's Farm) was thrilled as she watched Jeff and friends from the little church that often met in their home, erect their first greenhouse donated by a church in Melbourne.   In 1995 at the urging of Mike and Marci Blubaugh Jeff read Joel Salatin’s book on pastured poultry.  That was great, said Jeff, but I’m a horticulturist, we are growing herbs and I’m not killing any chickens.  Soon 200 egg birds were added and son Brandon built an ingenious mobile chicken coop to centralize egg laying, offer water and supplemental feed, and keep the flock safe at night.  Well, God had other plans and while herb sales languished the family tried their first 50 chickens.  The successes was amazing.  The birds were plump and beautiful.  All the poultry debugged the pasture while fertilizing at the same time. Pasture grasses and clover thrived with the multi species farm production.

Firsts in processing.jpg

Early on the family expanded herb growing to include organically grown vegetables, honeybees to help pollination, earthworms for natural fertilizer, and a couple of goats.  Brittany decided milking goats was fun but a lot of work for a little milk.  She wanted a Jersey cow.  That began the family’s 100% grassfed dairy which milks 5 sweet cows every morning with various ages in the pasture in and out of milk.  And of course a good Jersey bull. Daughter Brittany managed the beginnings of the dairy with a lot of help from Ben and Brandon.  When she married Josh Blubaugh (who taught Brittany how to milk when they were young teens) sisters Brianna and Bethany took over management of the dairy business.  Now Brason, Berakah, and Providence all help with the herd.

Round up2.jpg

The family also produces many value added products which includes breads, cookies, and pies.  The girls mill their own non-GMO organic grain into flour to produce breads and cookies. They also bake delicious pies.  Other foods include lacto fermented vegetables, sprouts, and salad bowl ready baby green mixes.  All of the Brower clan produces hand made gift items from home grown gourds as well as hand carved spoons and decorations.  Nathan, Bo, Brason, and Jeff are designing and building furniture and other wood based gifts and utilities. All the women sew beautiful clothes, cloaks, and the patented SkullSock.  We also offer the most tender and flavorful beef jerky produced by close friend and fellow Southerner Doc Smith.  One bite and you will never buy another brand of Jerky!


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